South Side Digital Capital is an investment firm with a focus on crypto assets. Our team’s passion is to find, invest in, and support world-changing blockchain technologies to achieve risk adjusted performance for our investors. Our rigorous investment process is designed to identify long-term value within a new, cluttered and developing market.

SSDC has managed a relative value crypto strategy since November 2017. Our strategy consists of a diversified portfolio of currencies, tokens, and blockchain related assets that we believe will provide long-term investment returns. The SSDC team seeks to capitalize on the rapid price movements and volatility present in the crypto market. Our investment process emphasizes identifying ideal use cases, analyzing token economics, examining quality of the technology, and assessing the management team.

SSDC launched its treasury management business in October 2018. We offer a fully customized, full service solution for crypto projects and token sales. We seek to design, implement and maintain a unique portfolio optimized for each client’s goals and capacity for risk. We handle custody, liquidity, and tax-efficient rebalancing.


Ben Weintraub

CEO and Co-CIO
  • Former Trader/Analyst at Galaxy Investment Partners
  • University of Chicago Computer Science and Economics Major

Gus Schmidt

Co-CIO and Head of Research and Quantitative Analytics
  • Formerly created dynamic forecasting systems for Agron Inc.
  • University of Chicago Mathematics Major


Email inquiry@ssdcapital.com to contact us.